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This is one of my humble ostentations, hopefully to share with you the music I enjoy playing.  The Jazz Masters: Prez, ‘Trane, Newk, Stitt, Bird, Jug, Dex, Yusef, Ben, and so many others, are my inspirations

As for my nom de jeu/alias/stage name, BBTenor; there are too many other Brian Maddens out there, including one of my sons who is on iTunes, same as I.  BBTenor keeps a dual personality thing going, too.  


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BB                       Bi-Saxual in Woodstock

                                                                        Why Not?                                 The MaddScatter Speaks Out

                                                                       (type this title into Search)  Relax With a Sax

                                                                       Afro-Latino Routes to an Irish Tenor

                                                                       Crooning the Blues and Other Hues            (For streaming audio...full tracks)


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BB Plays


BB Plays